The Atelier #8217; & Reilly is 1° Prize Place Saint Gobain 2017 with the Earth House project

The Atelier the & #8217; Reilly received the 1° Place in the category Residential Design the first prize-5 Saint Gobain Sustainable Habitat with the EARTH House project.
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Meet the winning project

Golf garden
Casa Viva


HOUSE 88 on Sustainable Architecture Expo 2014


The official launch of the project HOUSE 88° happened in Sustainable Architecture Expo event, of the day 26 a day 28 August, in São Paulo. On occasion, were presented the characteristics of this pioneer project in sustainable holistic architecture, with a multidisciplinary team, technological innovation and maximum degree of efficiency at all stages of life of the building – project on paper, choice of materials, work, use with measurable performance indicators, maintenance and return of materials to nature.


Village TOP 3

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Pre-Vote Award Greenbest Highlights 2012







Interview of Gladys ’ Reilly on Ciclovivo program

Interview done by Ciclovivo in daytime 19 October 2011. Conversation about sustainability in addition to the projects underway in the Atelier office ’ Reilly.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Interview on revista Valor Econômico

Click here to check the interview by the magazine economic value about the venture Vila da Mata.

10 Steps for sustainable construction

OR-WEB-10 steps for sustainable construction


Consciousness Since the project. A sustainability basing the proposal Vila da Mata.


The preserved forest: This is consciousness.

The project amidst all this: This is Vila da Mata.

A unique blend, next to one of the last reserves of the Atlantic forest, the Mata da Câmara. A conscious space for those who have awareness of what it is to live well, in balance with nature.

A Vila da Mata nature preserves. And nature preserves Vila da Mata.

A space preserved over the years by the embrace of the Atlantic forest and the sustainability of the Masterplan.


Lecture at the International Conference & Expo – Greenbuilding Brazil

We invite everyone to honor one of the greatest events on sustainability the world that will take place in São Paulo.


Date: 29 the 31 August 2011
Address: Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285 – Bela Vista – São Paulo (SP)
Zone: Conference: in the days 29 and 30/08 of 9 on 18 hours.

We emphasize the presentation of Patricia O'Reilly, O'Reilly Architecture Studio & Partners, and Andy Bäcker, Founder of Sustainable Reference (United Kingdom) on the day 30 August at 17:15.

Patricia O'Reilly and Andy Bäcker at International Conference & Greenbuilding Expo Brazil




Certificación y Sellos Verdes

Certification systems of Construcciones this allow to evaluate Sustainable son el sustainable performance of civil works. Su objetivo es identify with al consumer market works if esfuerzan to incorporate environmental diferenciales consistent. La certificación es acompañada de un Sello Verde, It adds value to the work and serves as a prize and encouragement for companies and individuals looking for this way. Read More…

Civil construction and sustainable economy

Civil construction and sustainable economy

Civil construction is the segment most consumed materias‐primas and natural resources on the planet. Sustainable tiene la construcción for you both, key role in the development and encouragement of industry products and environmentally correct inputs, Read More…