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Connecting plural concept with shape, use and aesthetics of the building, we come to a configuration that in addition to meeting the product's longings, brings in itself a large collection of solutions and ideas that can be translated into stimuli for the senses.

A multiplicity of sustainable and healthy strategies, that organized, close a disruptive concept that embraces our new reality.

It is certain that today, new paradigms will be part of the daily life of people who have had the opportunity to experience their life in another format and wish to be more in tune with the spaces they use, also realizing new everyday needs, besides finding out how much they can be reconnected to our planet.

The Van Der Werf Hotel, offers this reality to its guest and transforms him into a multiplier agent of consciousness by experience.


The Hotel that mimetizes a sailboat, makes a tribute to the Vander Werf family (werf in Dutch shipyard) that for several generations were boat manufacturers. The idea does not only bring aesthetics for this universe, but also the functionality. A Coverage takes over the role of improving the thermal and acoustic performance of the building. The flooded ground floor, establishes the connection with the Dutch polders and has as function are open cisterns integrated into landscaping. Green walls filter rainwater and the gray waters are filtered by wetlands and also stored in the polders being reused in the hotel. The beds suspended by boat ropes, balance and provide a regenerating sleep bringing a Tactile sensation of being sailing on the polders consolidating memory, according to Swiss studies published in the journal Current Biology - adults who sleep swinging consolidate memory more easily.

Establish ing a architectural concept that contains the holistic scope of health and sustainability, extrapolates the universe of design drawing and reaches the State of the Art to design for people, by people. A kind of "discovery" of a new path to achieve a healthy and integral planet.

There are many points in common between boat and mill sail, the water, regenerating sleep, art, health and sustainability.

Common words that apply and connect as structuring the concept of this project:

  • Shelter
  • Warmth
  • Water
  • Deepen
  • Archetype
  • Balance
  • Welfare
  • Calm
  • Take care
  • Culture
  • Emerge
  • Ethereal
  • Expand
  • Soul Expansion
  • Lethargy
  • Dive
  • Movement
  • Deep
  • Regenerate
  • Dream
  • Senses
  • Security
  • Life












Netherlands, maritime and engineering power from the 11th to the 17th century

Dutch boats and mills inspire the coverage of the Hotel Van Der Werf

In tribute to the Van der Werf family, (Werf in Dutch means Shipyard), Atelier O'R brings the design of the sails of the boats, to live with architecture. Like a boat, the Hotel is with the ground floor flooded like the polders of the Netherlands.

The study for hotel coverage, brings the tensioned fabric of the sails of the old Dutch ships and mills.


The tensioned roof of weaving, promotes within the universe of health and sustainability a number of benefits.

The coverage will have the function of thermal insulation and Acoustic. It will be from the coverage that we will make the rainwater capture. The slope of the roof leads the waters to a trough that runs through the length of the building and descends into the preumada for filtration made by the green walls and reserve of the waters in cisterns and polder.



This project establishes a fine Connection between the Building, the temporalities, your Inside, The environment and the resumption of consciousness.

A architecture of spaces arises from a need for use, So, she was exclusively designed to meet these needs Welcoming, Protecting and promoting a archetypal experience in the use of this new place.

In so that strategies achieve the highest level of building healthiness and mitiguem the negative environmental impacts, Established guidelines that will achieve the purpose of this design from a global study that allowed to detect certain synergies that will promote the health of the building and the people who will inhabit it, optimize resources and minimize the environmental impact of the set, promoting a better quality of life for your users, consolidating a product that is structured in a language that considers the new walk of the planet.

The healthy and sustainable paradigm Applied, is based on the use of local climate To thermal and acoustic comfort, application of Non-toxic materials to maintain indoor air quality, energy efficiency, biophilia, reduction of water consumption, reuse of rainwater, creation of multifunctional spaces the integration with the environment and the generation of SELF-SUFFICIENCY.


1. Bioclimatic architecture that takes advantage of the local climate to define the design consequently reducing energy consumption in the operation of the building.

2. Northeast face solar orientation with 1.00m awning calculated to protect solar radiation in summer and winter entry.

3. Night cooling by evapotranspiration, with an internal courtyard with perforated sheet closure and a contemplative water wire on the ground floor.

4. Chimney cooling with a high window on the floors by convection drives the mass of hot air out of the building.

5. Watertight Woof-Framing Roof Slab with Increased Durability, 4x lighter reducing structural cost, with class A fire resistance.

6. Radiant barrier that reduces heat gain by radiation acts as thermal insulator, Applied with low emissivity surface.

7. Zenital opening in the corridors of the two floors, reducing electricity consumption during the day.

8. Cultural and painted art in the common and intimate areas produced with natural materials.

9. Biophilia - integration of plant species, native and local production in architecture, flower pots on the façade, green walls and landscaping in common areas.

10. Ventilated façade, will ensure thermal insulation of approximately 40% energy-saving. Use of high density swelon membrane anti-cracking screen, Cementious plaster designed and as mineral paint finish.

11. Thermal insulation by PET wool on linings and recycling walls 33 thousand bottles PETS.

12. Rainwater capture.

13. Thin-Film photovoltaic system for the generation of 50% energy demand.

14. Floor ing with reforestation wood.

15. High-performance acoustic and thermal frames.

16. Planting of native species.

17. Automated drip irrigation.

18. Vertical organic vegetable garden.

19. Floors draining outside area.

20. Indirect LED lighting.

21. Dualflux Vessels.

22. Metals with aeters and single control.

23. Certified wood furniture.

24. Non-toxic varnishes and waterproofing.

25. Automation for energy savings.

26. Biodigestion system for blackwater.

27. Wetlands grey water treatment system with native water landscaping.

28. Reuse of gray water with filtration and storage in the polder.

29. Construction System of internal and external walls in Wood-Framing with soundproofing of 65 Db, larger masonry supporting 55dB with class A fire resistance.

30. Zero COV's Materials.

31. Van Der Werf Photo Gallery, culture rescue.

32. Ceramics with local production in wet areas.

33. Covered with Tensioned Fabric with 20 years of warranty and 40 years of useful life, Class A fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulator.

34. Wi-fi that triggers only at the time of use.

35. Metal structure coated with wood to isolate magnetic field.

36. Low-generation magnetic field sockets.

37. Cross ventilation for cooling the building through tippers above the UHS doors.



The idea of promote unique experiences for the guest of the Hotel Van der Werf with the aim of providing a multiplier experience, extrapolates the tactile and visual universe, reaching the Sensory. The program Senses Pro Created exclusively for this project by the point.eco technology core of Atelier O'R, brings the possibility of a hotel immersion connected health, care and well-being deeper into the relationship he will establish with the place of sensory form.

Textures that he can feel through the touch in the apartments and common areas, The bed swing, The contact with green that in addition to establishing a relationship with nature, cares because it cleans, the water Decontaminated, The Odors chosen by him according to his state of mind, The Colors that relieve the burden of the day, the Music that calms and thrills and the Food that goes beyond food to the body, also dealing with the soul, closes the concept of an integral architecture that builds this new ESTAR.

When checking in through the app or in place, the guest will be able to choose the LEVEL OF IMMERSION who wants to do with regard to your relationship with the hotel.

He will be able to choose 3 programmes that combined will give a result according to their animic state. As such,, in the apt, he will be able to accept the program Senses Pro, 1, 2 Or 3 Starry Night, Sunny Afternoon or Invigorating Aurora.

Immediately, the APP triggers the music you'll hear within the established program, The essential oils will be automatically spersated in your room and the starry sky of the bedroom and bathroom, will light up with the color of the detected program for him to experience this personalized sensory ratio.

The APP Senses Pro will also suggest the infusion that he may take during the program, Or the fruit you can consume that will already be arranged in all apartments as part of the menu of extras without generating room service.

The Menu of the hotel's restaurant and bar, will contain color annotations so that the guest can consume within the Senses Pro program Determined.

The guest also you will have the option to choose a la carte a program Senses Pro if you don't want the program suggested by the APP, with a given value for this service, generating revenue for the Hotel

Art at Hotel Van der Werf

Determining the directions of the synthesis of the arts and the human creative thinking involved in the birth of the variety of all forms of creative understanding of reality, Include artistic elements in the interaction between architecture and other art forms: color and line, plastic and sculptural volume. We introduced in this architecture, abstracted forms of Escher's works, Dutch artist, in muxarabis allowing a quality natural lighting, observing and reinterpreting the movements of nature.


1.ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN with Environmental Psychology and use of colors to avoid monochromy.

2.ACOUSTIC QUALITY – The level of permeability of noises between contiguous rooms prevents a conversation at height and normal tones in one room can not be perceived in the other

3. QUALITY OF MATERIALS – Complete absence of metals, formaldehydes and heavy toxic gases for all materials.

4. Lighting – Natural present in all environments.

5. HYDRAULIC DESIGN – Water will be filtered ensuring water quality chlorine removal in more than 70%

6. ELECTRIC DESIGN- The electrical wiring will always be at a greater distance of 40 cm of the beds and the lighting made by fiber optics. There are no electromagnetic fields in long-stay locations

7. INDOOR AIR QUALITY with cross natural ventilation, the walls are hygroscopic which allows there to be no moisture and reduction of chemical concentrations.

8. TEMPERATURE - Thermal control is achieved by bioclimatic design

9. LANDSCAPING AND COMMON AREAS – Strictly native to the Atlantic Forest of the Region and the use of epiphyte species filtering the air in the fachas, living room and restaurant. A vertical vegetable garden offers the restaurant a production of infusions and seasonings. The squares of the Earth, of the Fire, and the square of the earth are integrated to landscaping and bring sculptural elements that refer to the theme in a sensory way.

10. Sustainability

Several materials were used, those with zero toxicity, recycled and natural. The waste will be recycled and composters for hospitality installed in the technical area. All bioclimatic studies have been applied and can be seen in the cuts in this matter.

The construction site will receive containers that for selection of reusable and toxic waste.



Design . Architecture . Management

The Atelier ’ R

Patricia O'Reilly


Amanda Thomaz

Carla Soares

Isabel Saad

Jonatas Barros


dot.eco . Alexander Mavignier


Atelier Mavignier . Alexander Mavignier


Structure and Facilities

Shintech . Franco Neto

Luminotechnic, Electrical and Domotic

Luminotech . Richard Accioly

Air Conditioning and Filters

Rich Engineering . Ricardo Hora

Treatment system and

Water Filtration

Ecotelhado . Joao Manuel Feijó

Tensioned Coverage

Pitomba . ARQ. Gustavo Ferrari


MTE Professional Kitchens . Mark Hioki

Earth wall studies

Mud wall . Márcio Hoffman and André Heise


Studio Mavignier . Adriana Mavignier


Greentech . Clal Maia


Sonia Corazza . Aromocologist

Raul Brabo . Music therapist

ThaIs Coppio . Chromotherapist

Dr. Nicole Cihlar Valente Nutric.ionista CRN3-6583


Studio Gustavo Emanoel

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