Project for the new headquarters of the Favela da Paz Institute

Project donated to the new headquarters of the Favela da Paz Institute aims to decode the "caoticity" of the old space and further integrate the community.

The Institute has more than 25 years of existence, is a cultural space within the favela located in Jardim Ângela, in the southern region of the city of São Paulo (SP).

"Design the building of the Instituto da Favela da Paz, such a noble cause, filled us with perspectives and opened new horizons in the art of architecture that has as its central object sheltering people in a space created by people. Beings who inhabit the same address in the cosmos." Says the architect Patricia O ́Reilly, one of the creators of the project.

In order for the project to be complete, he was to meet the expectations of this institute so singular.

"We needed to go further and connect with that reality. The building should connect with that community and be able to give voice to their needs and longings for the transformation to have solid foundations to happen." The Atelier ’ Reilly Architecture & Partners.

The mission was to bring to the world of architecture materials that added to the design could give birth to the recognition that these people sought.

The team entered the universes of technology, art and design to design in a non-impacting manner and with zero toxicity.

An immersion was made in the community and experienced the dream of integration and regeneration of being.

The lesson learned was that with nothing it is possible to do everything. So the team with a lot of respect offered those people what they received, peace and love.

They then designed, for the Institute its micro cosmos, a living building, populated by visceral content, Cultural, Technological, Gastronomic, Ecological, artistic and functional.

They created architecture, Art, urban furniture and design with digital technology to meet the wishes of this Institute that can change the inner world of each of us.

The building already existed, was the home of Claudinho and Fabio's father, that to the 9 years of age militated for peace in the favela, and sought through music to pacify their surroundings.

They grew up together with the house that was going up the levels to house the music projects, vegan food, technology and sport.

They did shows, what they earned invested in their own projects and every room in the house was housing more and more people eager to know, by growing up, for learning and for being.

Today, this building where it all started no longer has the capacity to serve the whole community and needs more, need to fly.

The architectural design of the new headquarters of the Instituto Favela da Paz in a land also donated, decoding the "caoticity" of the reality of the house where today is the home of all and also the Institute.

It preserves the existing architectural organization and free-form connects eight volumes built in cluttered wood through walkways that go up and down and offer in their use the programs, that develop in this nucleus of interpersonal metamorphoses, which is the Favela da Paz Institute.


Credit: Writing Sustainqui

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