ITT House
11st place in the 7th edition of the Saint Gobain award 2020
Granja Viana – SP
Status: Under construction

Granja Viana . SP

Saint Gobain Award 2020 7Th Edition

ITT House . Sustainability . Architecture, Art and Love

We started the presentation of this project emphasizing that the sustainable construction of high standard, in this case, positively accesses the building workers who are part of the base of the social pyramid. Casa ITT's project proposes the deepest concept of sustainability and ascends its understanding to stimulate the development of awareness of the need to evolve with new construction systems, more efficient, through the input of training and education in all who worked in it.

This less impactful building has become an important multiplier of this awareness throughout the production chain. It generated a real gain of knowledge and consequently of behavior change in favor of the reconstruction of a planet asphyxiated by the human need to consume its natural resources in a disorderly manner.

We brought to the project, technology solutions not as an end, but as a means, tool-shaped, to achieve the highest degree of sustainability offered with a lower environmental impact without cost. Also focus on healthy construction increasing the well-being of the people who build and inhabit the building. Its design is born from the local climate. Applies passive strategies to achieve lumnic comfort, acoustic and thermal quality. Zero toxicity and high performance materials, internal air quality and hydraulic and electrical systems that minimize the health impacts of its inhabitants and the local biome. Its native landscaping aims to restore the biodiversity of the place.

The word love refers to this project as a practical discourse that moves across several fronts of this construction, based on itself as a language of the social sphere. Love then became, a link that motivated deeper changes in the search for knowledge, consciously promoting the sense of belonging for the planet on which we live. Learn, Grow, Understand, teach and expand are actions that have connected to the universe of this sustainable doing that eventually transformed the being, which in turn transforms the immediate environment coming to reflect through itself the form and reorganization of the way of dealing with the world. It is through the stimulus of the emotion of love that it will be possible to project the metamorphosis of our micro medium by reaching the macro, of blue ball. With expansive effect of regeneration, this building integrated several donations of multidisciplinary knowledge in countless levels that provoked and offered a new repertoire for the team that gathered was able to recognize that it is love that modifies the world.

Those who love seek to harmonize the relationship with the whole through feeling and emotion and this expression we call art, the greatest representation of human life on the planet.

Determining the directions of the synthesis of the arts and human creative thinking involved in the birth of the variety of all forms of creative understanding of reality, we include artistic factors in the interaction between architecture and other forms of art: color and line, plastic and sculptural volume. We introduced in this architecture, works of art by the artist Alexandre Mavignier who observes and reinterprets the movements of nature.

Inspired by leaf-cutting ants spotted on the ground, developed a unique design for the sculptural element of the façade, Custom-made frames on the walls and swimming pool painted with mineral paint, what we call "deep art". A deep dive into the art of this time through the building.

The Cutting-Cutter Series goes to the Venice Biennale.

By Patricia O'Reilly

Pictures: Marcelo Auge

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