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2 Place not Saint Gobain Award 2019
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2 Place not Saint Gobain Award 2019



The fluidity of the building, Spiral design, inspired by the natural forms and the desert sun, explains that buildings need to evolve with new standards to meet the new needs of. You need to go beyond edge architecture, the way should accompany the organicity of environmental need and escape the compartmentalization of our century.

There is complexity in the city and inner dynamism, the world has finally changed.

The building is structured in 4 Levels, the ground level houses a large right foot with walkways suspended by steel cables that form aerial paths where galleries mix with spaces open to the public that will not enter the building but may have access to bars, restaurants and shops from street level.

In the 1st basement are conference and meeting rooms, permeated by support rooms with service corridor and foyer for coffee break, Elevators, kitchens and bathrooms and adm rooms. With a right foot of 7 Meters, the circulation area is made by uncovered balconies that give sight to the large right foot through which natural light enters and works the thermal insulating air mattress of the building and from where you can see the 3rd basement and the sustainable art galleries and the first museum dedicated to the theme. Each level is attended by vertical circulation cores and ramps in addition to access to parking and emergency stairs. In part of the area intended for loading and unloading is the shaft of installations that distributes to the level electrical pipes, Hydraulic, chiller chiller, underfloor heating and hot air withdrawal ducts.

The 2nd basement houses the main restaurant, convention rooms, Cafes, open art gallery, service corridors, internal gardens and a double green wall that rises up to the ground floor slab seeking natural lighting, Bathrooms, Kitchens, foyer for coffee break that gives access to the panoramic elevators that lead to the restaurant from the lookout on the leaves of Solapralm. Access to parking and facilities shafts. The circulation area is also provided by uneven balconies connecting access ramps to the other levels. Emergency stairs are located next to the parking lot with service elevators and hot air outlet ducts and cold air intake.

It is in the 3rd basement that is the technical heart of the building, a large area of strategies are organized to promote the intelligence of this living organism. The autonomous ecogenerator generates electricity by capturing heat energy from the external air, So, starts its process outside the building on the façade, through a heat exchanger on the south façade, of 2.000 M2, produces electricity 1 MW/hour, condensation water, 800 liters/h, stored in a cistern, produces ice 150 ton/day generating 12 MBTU's / day for cooling and air conditioning of the building. The surplus energy generated will be stored in a buried gravel thermal box at 400°C, the hot air residue generates energy to be consumed in the building meeting your total demand combined with Solapalm's photovoltaic generation.

All tanks for treatment of ash water and washbasins are concentrated in this room, in addition to the organic vegetable garden, the fertiliser from the organic waste of the building, and the technology and systems control room.

Two Theatres, meeting rooms, the foyer gallery and the museum are located on the large right foot and receive natural light from the ground floor openings with internal gardens and water mirrors that regulate the relative humidity of the air. Parking also accesses at this level with space for loading and unloading, for kitchen and service areas.

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